Solid Brass ARMOR Zippo
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Brass ARMOR Zippo

Specs:My Favorite!

Solid Brass ARMOR Zippo.

ARMOR Zippos have 1-1/2 Times Wall Thickness of a Regular Zippo.

Very Satisfying Heft in the Hand.

Brand New. In The Box. With Orange Sticker. Shipping Included to USA.

*This is my All Time Favorite Zippo and it is the Base Unit Used to Make All of my Artistic Creations at Wicked Zippo Studios. Every man, in my opinion, should own and know how to use a firearm, a knife, and have the ability to make fire. 

What better way to make fire than to use such an Iconic American symbol dating back to pre-WWII, the Sublime Zippo Lighter.  Firearms, knives, and Zippo Lighters also make for great Heirlooms to pass down to sons and grandsons. I would give almost anything to have my Grandfather's Zippo lighter from WWII.

Start a tradition for your family and toss that cheezy disposable plastic lighter and carry a Solid Brass ARMOR Zippo that your son or grandson will prize someday.There is no mistaking the sound of the click-click-click cocking of a Single Action Colt Revolver, or racking a pump shotgun,...and no mistaking the iconic sound of the metalic "clunk" of a Zippo Lighter.

Do yourself a favor and own & get to know again, a relatively inexpensive piece of American History...the Venerable Zippo Lighter.

Ships Within a Couple Days...

Be safe out there, 


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Solid Brass ARMOR Zippo

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